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Animated Icons – Freebie

Animation is touted to be one of the biggest web design trends for 2016, especially micro-animations on UI elements and icons. So we’re excited to show you this downloadable set of animated icons from Animaticons.

All Animaticons icons are animated GIFs, which means they have excellent browser support without the need for plugins or libraries. Unlike CSS or JavaScript animations, animated GIFs contain the animation instructions inside the image file so they can simply be dropped directly into your HTML just like a regular image. They’ll play and loop automatically as soon as they load. You can even safely use them in email!

The download includes 2 variations of 10 different icons from the Animaticons collection. Our favorites include the rocket ship, the video, and the pencil.

All the icons are editable; to make changes, open any of the files in a bitmap editor such as Photoshop (CS5+), make your changes, and then re-export.

Download the files here:


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